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Company Profile

SYSCOM S.A. is a Greek company, with headquarters in Athens-Greece and subsidiaries in Cyprus, Romania & UAE, which successfully incorporates new technological trends, providing a complete spectrum of advanced products, integrated solutions and sophisticated services satisfying the emerging needs in the age of convergence to Information Security. Comprehensively covers uniquely business needs with IT Security Products and Services.

Throughout its twenty-year course, SYSCOM S.A. has implemented a long-term strategy of investments. The investments being made by SYSCOM S.A on technological know-how specialization, human resources and quality management, are of crucial importance because they support the implementation of its strategic choices for the development of new activities and services, facilitate the modernization of its operation and further strengthen its technical expertise. Additionally in doing so, it has ensured customer satisfaction and strategically enhanced its productivity that paved the way for expanding in new markets.

SYSCOM S.A., in its perennial presence in the field of Technology, demonstrated consequence, reliability, sincerity, organisation, avant-garde thought and practice. These qualitatively elements that it cultivated during its successful way, allowed it to develop fast and efficiently its activities and to participate in the developments predetermining the future.

The successful corporate philosophy of SYSCOM S.A. and its corporate tactic are expressed through the continuous customer support, the quality and reliability of all available products/solutions and services, the organisational flexibility, the exploitation of human resources and the insistent permanent development and differentiation of products and services provided concerning the competition, aiming always to fully meet the current as well as the prospective needs of the market.

Following a modern organisational structure, SYSCOM S.A. has created Business Areas that address different sectors of the market developing simultaneously powerful synergies, in order each customer of the company to have access in all technologies, solutions and products, acquiring competitive advantages. The sectors of its activation refer to:

  • • Corporate Solutions and Applications of Information Technology
  • • Data Security Services and Products
  • • Telecommunications Services and Products
  • • Developing Web Applications Services (UMCaliber Messaging & Collaboration Solution)
  • • Applications and Services for Email Management, Document Management and Workflow
  • • Technical Support Services
  • • ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Services

Our complete range of Information Security Solutions and Business Operational Services are covering business needs for organizations, with proven technologies, that cater for procedures and regulatory compliance — collectively.

Our team is comprised by highly qualified members with international exposure and proven record of engagements in various IT Security Projects. Their multi-year experience allows them to fully comprehend and analyze the business needs of any organization and actively take part in the design and delivery of solutions and services that cater for these needs.

International Activity

SYSCOM S.A. international activity expands in the regions of Balkans, Middle East as well as in Cyprus providing a complete spectrum of advanced products, integrated solutions and sophisticated services satisfying the emerging needs in the age of convergence to Information Solutions.


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